Brand Model Chassis Keyword Symptom Cure
RCA PS36130 CTC179 3 strikes symptom PS36130 . CTC179CG Unit will not power up. Unit will cycle on and off 3 times then shut off. Secondaries will not go up. Had tech check out the secondary of switch mode power supply. Found a shorted CR4115 causing the supply to go into over current shutdown
RCA   CTC178 audio RCA CTC178. Unit has no audio. Unit lost the audio when a power surge caused TV to shut off. Had tech use the Chipper Checker to initialize the EPROM to restore the operating system to the Television
RCA   CTC178 audio RCA CTC178JB. Unit has no audio. Condition began after a power outage.  It is suggested to use the Chipper Checker to initialize the EPROM before replacing any components. 
RCA   CTC178  audio RCA CTC178 Unit has no audio. Unit has error code of 188 listed in the error parameter Used the chipper checker on this unit to initialize the EPROM to restore the operating memory.
RCA G32750 CTC179 Audio Unit has no audio. When checking for the presence of audio at the U1913 we had it going into the device but nothing at the speakers. Checking U1503(3), the switch,tone,balance,volume controller we found it to be 1.9 volts. This is supposed to be "0" Grounding the pin with a 100 ohm resistor restored the audio. The tech needs to initialixe the EEPROM to correct this problem. Quizing the customer they confirmed the audio disappeard after their power in there flickered out. When the power was restored the set had no audio. Initializing the unit corrected the missing audio.
RCA G35931 CTC179 Dead  CTC179 G35831. Unit was dead. One high voltage was restored Capacitor C4406 blew up. This is caused by an open C4407.
RCA   CTC179 Dead acting CTC179 Unit will not turn on after the tuner circuitry was resoldered. An open existed between U3103(2) to U501 (5). This line communicated the data from the expansion chip to the PLL chip. A jumper was created to replace the open trace to reconnect these points.
RCA PS36161 CTC179 Horizontal sweep PS36161 CTC179. Unit has insufficient horizontal sweep.  I had tech get into the tech menu parameter and found the parameter # (horizontal size) was at 15. The nominal position is 20 to 22. Moving this adjustment to 21 corrected the fault
RCA PS35660 CTC178 Intermittent sound and raster RCA CTC178DJ PS35660 serial 513556407W. Unit will be running fine then it will lose raster and sound intermittently. No error codes are found in the tech menu. There is a bulletin TV97-005 which lays out a problem with CR3104 a 13 volt zenor diode that has caused this failure. Tech need to replace this diode.
RCA P46734 CTC178 No Raster RCA P46734BA CTC178L. No Raster. Has High voltage and no OSD. Screen voltage only 178 vdc With all CRT's disconnected the G2 voltage still is too low. Unit has defective Focus / screen block.
RCA   CTC179 PIP tunimg RCA CTC179 chassis. PIP picture drifts all over the band. Will not stay on channel. Recommend tech inspect tuner board for cracks in the ground structure. Resoldered poor connections on Tuner shield ground pins.
RCA   CTC179 Raster bright CTC179DJ Earlier the symptom was the screen was bright with retrace lines. Now it no green. Q1(c)=243 volts reading 243. All cyan picture. The green is too high.  Transistor in the CRT module Q2F, CRF, CR5F, C7F needed replacement
RCA   CTC179 Raster, Intermittent CTC179DJ unit looses raster after 20 minute.. Unit does not loose sound or OSD. No error codes are present in parameter 1,2, or 3.  Fast switch is too high at pin 22 of U3101. Grounding pin 22 restores normal operation. Had tech leave pin 22 grounded until the micro processor and EPROM get in from parts. Unit needs the micro and EPROM U3101 & U3102
RCA   CTC178 shut down CTC178DJ2. Unit has a shut down symptom when the channels are selected. Customer also does not have any reception from attic antenna. Rabbit ears will display a normal pix, and allow for correct auto programming Bases on bulletin TV96-020 the correct B+ and Xray protect
RCA   CTC179 Shut down CTC179DJ Unit shutting down as soon as the set is turned on.  Tech pulled the HV screen and focus assembly loose from the flyback transformer. High voltage was restored. Unit needed Focus/screen block.
RCA   CTC179 shut down RCA CTC179 Unit going into shut down when pressing on CPU the set will shut off. Error codes are #17 (Hung Bus). This mean a bus line is being held at either 5 volts or ground intermittently.  IC is in a socket so it was recommended to remove the socket and install the IC without the socket. But after this was done the symptom still persisted. Eventually the tuner shield was removed to uncover a cracked connection on the center ground post. 
RCA   CTC179 Shutdown, intermittent RCA CTC179 unit has intermittent shutdown Unit plugged into a cable box for on/off control. It is recommended the television be plugged into the AC line directly. Data corruption will occur if power is removed during communications from CPU to other internal peripherals. Also the relay contact in the CATV box will not hold up long do to the high inrush current of this SMPS.
RCA   CTC179 tuner CTC179 tuner problem. Has poor gain and noisey.  Soldered tuner but the tuner still has a problem. Unit will play then fail with white noise and all snow display. The tuning system, of the PIP tuner works fine Tech has resoldered this unit twice. …….The factory has mentioned they had a vendor of bad clock crystals in the tuner PLL section that has proven to ne unreliable. Tech instructed to replace Y7501 in the main tuner. Tech was also instructed to check the 
RCA   CTC178 Tuning CTC178 cannot get higher band channels. Looses the high band channels above 40 on CATV. Asked tech to check the channels on the PIP tuner. IF PIP is also effected the trouble may not be in the TV at al but in the CATV system or Distribution system. Problem also shows up in the PIP tuner. Problem is with in the CATV system
RCA   CTC179 Tuning CTC179 Chassis. Was brought in the shop.. Tech unable to get the tuning system to tune the high band VHF station 7 ~ 13. Not getting band switching at IC501.  The -12 volts was not being switched at output of IC501. Once IC501 was replaced the voltage was switching but it did not get to the varicaps CR106, CR107, CR109
RCA   CTC179 vertical CTC179 chassis with no vertical sweep.  OK for IFS. Unit has multiple problems where the system control is effecting the vertical geometry. Chipper checker checks system control perfectly in the field but in the shop it shows up as an error. EPROM was defective. Later after downloading the data from the old EPROM it we found the Address 42 was FF it is supposed to be CC.