Brand Model Chassis Keyword Symptom Cure
RCA PS52690 CTC188 Interference PS52690 Needs schematic. Has sever interference in video regardless of input source. Problem could be the introduction of noise from the digital comb filter Gave tech schematic photo copy of specific areas that he can begin to troubleshoot the areas where luminance is separated and controlled. Problem was caused by the digital comb filter mounted on the I/O board U18100
RCA PS52690 CTC188 System control CTC188 125 class Proscan.. Unit has locked up. Not responding to requests to enter the "tech menu screen" Unit may need to be initialized with Chipper Checker. Also the tuner section resoldering to correct fault in the system control. 
RCA PS52690 CTC188 Shuts down CTC188. Unit will not run. Unit shuts down, even if the High voltage lead is removed. B+ checks normal. Unit does not respond to the Chipper Checker. Does not indicate the unit has a failure in the EPROM however it does indicate there is a problem in the main CPU. CPU and EPROM replaced and normal operation was restored.
RCA PS52690 CTC188 Shuts down RCA PS52690 Unit is going into shut down. Tech need to disconnect the HV lead from the flyback and power up the set. It does not shut down now. HV comes up and does not shut down. If all the CRT's are removed from HV distributor and the flyback HV lead is connected the set shuts down. The HV block is defective. 
RCA PS35690 CTC189 Pincushion RCA CTC189DC. Unit has sever "Barrel" distortion. Has shorted Q4801. Tech replaced Q4801 but was instantly destroyed at power up.  Had tech check the voltage parameters on the Drain foil land with Q4801 removed. Voltage was 3X the normal 10 vdc. Had tech replace CR4401, CR4402, & C4404 in the pin diode circuit. All voltages returned to normal. 
RCA PS35690 CTC189 No channel Guide PS35690 CTC189 chassis. Unit will not show the channel guide. Unit does not support the feature called "Channel Guide".. 
RCA PS35690 CTC189 System control CTC189DB. Cannot get the set into the service mode. (screen 200). Cannot initialize even in the dead mode. Pix is dark with the exception of channel 4. All other channels look normal. There is evidence that the EPROM may have been changes. Micro is in a socket. TV95-008 bulletin about incorrect micro and EPROM. 230055 kit must be installed
RCA PS35690 CTC189 Head phone Jack PS35690 Headphone Jack assembly RCA broken. Tech cannot find part number for this item. The headphone jack number is 227333.
RCA PS35690 CTC189 Tuning RCA PS35690 CTC189 chassis. Will not obtain correct reception of any channel above CATV channel 51. All other channels are OK. TV displays message "Unusable Signal" Tuner had ground shields resoldered on several occasions. The operation of, resoldering the ground connections in the tuner assembly is very common. Channel 51 is the beginning of Band 3 which uses a completely different RF amp and Local oscillator. Measuring 7,9,& 14 of U7501 rises to 30 volts and stay there no matter what channel above 51 is selected. But when channels below 51 are selected the voltage will decrease each time the lower number channel is selected. U7301 defective.
RCA PS35690 CTC189 Intermittent Raster RCA CTC189 Unit looses raster and goes to a black screen after the set has been on a while. Still has audio & OSD. Will not select video 1 input or access any error codes Tech needs initialize the EPROM IC with Chipper Checker. He also to look video input switch to see if data and clock are correct. This chip can be heated or frozen to aggravate the symptom. 
RCA PS52690 CTC188 Shuts down When the set is turned on the set will shut down with the power LED in the front flashing 3 times then stop. Listening to the Horizontal output transformer at the instant of turn on the transformer has a slight chirp at turn on. Disconnecting the anode lead from to the high voltage transformer to the High voltage distribution block and placing the business end of the anode in a DRY glass bottle, the high voltage will return. The set will not shut down. Problem was caused by a bad HV block. Pat# 205064