Brand Model Chassis Keyword Symptom Cure
RCA D52W135 ATC211 Aspect Ratio Please make note that the Thomson D52W135 has problems with the unit switching scan rates on its own! The unit may jump in and out of the 16X9 or 4X3 mode at its own will. In these cases the Small Signal Board has been determined to be the part at fault. The board must be replaced and is covered under warranty.  Part # 258761
RCA D52W135 ATC211 Aspect Ratio Problem:  Customer complains that the unit changes picture formats randomly during normal viewing. Solution:  Turn off the Autoformat feature in the customer menu.  If this
doesn't work, replace the small signal board.
RCA D40W135 ATC221 convergence After the Small signal board was replaced the set failed to have the feature of "Auto-convergence" Nothing is wrong with the board. Tech needs to enter the tech mode and access the "Feature Setup" Then put an "X" in the box next to auto-convergence. This turns on that feature.
Scenium D52W20 ATC211 Dead Problem:  Dead Set.......TV turns on, but video and audio are muted. Found that the convergence power supply was not running.  Further diagnosis proved that the power supply wasnot getting it's 13V turn-on voltage.Bad connection at BW05 Pin5 prevented 13V from being applied to the on/off line of the convergence power supply.
Scenium D61W135 ATC211 DVD door sticks When trying to extract the DVD slide mech, the door will jam just before opening on the left side. Using a fine grit sand paper sand down the burrs that were left on the Door. These can be seen on the left side of the assembly. Photo Before and Photo After
Scenium D52W20 ATC211 Green raster with retrace lines Unit comes on bright green with retrace and goes into shutdown. Disconnect the green crt socket, unit should stay on.  Observe the other two guns for possible phosphour burns.  IB201(green video output ic) defective from a possible cause being the green crt arcing.  It is suggested to replace both to solve the problem.  Thanks to technician RR of 1124 svc.
RCA D40W20 ATC211 OSD Unit will play fine but there is a single letter "P" in the lower left corner of the screen Here is how to clear the "P" and return the instrument to normal operation,
Turn the set on and adjust for normal signal display,
Press and hold the volume down (VOL-) button on the front panel or by using the remote control until the volume display indicates audio is at minimum volume,
Continue holding the VOL- button for at least 4-6 seconds until the "P" disappears
Release the VOL- button Unplug the instrument

This returns the instrument to normal consumer operation.
NOTE:  If consumers or sales environments have been using the instrument for a length of time with the "P"
indication, they may notice more bar graph steps on certain adjustments now available, particularly in the
Volume indicator.  During the production mode the bar steps are reduced from 64 to 8 steps to reduce certain setup times for the factory.  For instance, in the Production mode, the volume can be incremented from minimum to maximum in 8 steps, where the normal consumer mode might take 32 steps.
RCA D52W135 ATC211 Shading D52W135D   Red blotches on the left and\or right sides.

 Looks like purity problem of a direct view set.  Running a generator on this and selecting one color at a time shows no problem, but color bar patern will show red tint on the sides. Thompson acknowledged repeated complaints of this and confirmed red CRT part#  258485 to have low coolant defect.