Brand Model chassis Keyword Symptom Cure
RCA PS32108 CTC187 afterglow Customer complaint is Afterglow. This is a normal condition. It is not an indication of impending failure. RCA does not incorporate any bleeder resistors in there high voltage systems because of power conservation. Most vendors no longer use bleeder resistors
RCA PS27108 CTC187 audio UNIT HAS INTERMITTENT SOUND. PREVIOUS CLAIM INDICATES AUDIO OUT PUT WAS REPLACED Possible cause may be related to the incorrect parameters located in 21, 22, 23 and 24. These values were all set to zero. Tech replacing CPU and EPROM, but placed the same wrong values in the replaced EPROM thus duplicating the exact symptom. Changing values of these addresses up from zero and going through the alignment steps corrected the symptom.
RCA 31GT660 CTC187 audio 31GT660 Very weak audio while in the tuner mode.  Audio OK in the direct video input mode. Had tech resolder the grounds around the tuner assembly. But the EPROM is probably the problem. It may have to initialized or replaced. Initialization of EPROM using a modified interface clip for the chipper checker corrected the fault.
RCA PS32108 CTC187 chroma demodulation Channel 4 has the wrong color displayed on the screen. Face color tones instead of being flesh tones are cyan. Other channel seem normal.  The tech needs to check the tuner alignment parameters of the first 9 positions. It was discovered all numbers were all random. This indicated the set had normal EPROM parameters programmed into the EPROM but not necessarily the right numbers.. The next thing to try is see what the picture does by randomly change the values of these 9 parameters and see which one influences the symptom without compromising the rest of the channels. Parameter 103 had the greatest effect in improving the picture on channel 4. This is by no means the best way to correct this unit. But it proved this unit needs a complete alignment using the TAG001 signal generator. Unit was aligned. 
RCA PS27108 CTC187 color tracking Previous tech ordered the EPROM to solve a pink picture. After the Tech replaced the EPROM the picture lost horizontal sync, and still a pink picture. It appears the tech did not know that the EPROM had the entire memory of the chassis deflection, tuner, screen geometry, and drive adjustments.  Tech will have to return and reinstall old EPROM and copy all values on paper and restore these values in new EPROM. After reinstalling the old EPROM the CRT was checked out to see if might be the cause of the pink Picture. Using a 4.7K resistor from the Collector of the video outputs or each cathode to ground it was discovered the green was not working on the tube. The trouble was a defective CRT.
RCA 31GT661 CTC187 color tracking Unit has a all green picture. Has no red or blue. Tech replaced all 3 video outputs and still no change in performance I had tech take his MultiMate and put it into the diode check mode. With the ground wire to the frame and the positive to pin 36,37, & 38 of "T" chip. We were able to get red green and blue flashing when these pins were touched. This tested the CRT, and the drivers. The trouble was a defective "T" chip
RCA 31GT658 CTC187 Dead Unit is essentially dead. Unit will not turn on. The power supply will make a load chirp as soon as the power is applied. This loud chirp is indicative of a heavy short on the secondary side of the power supply. I had tech disconnect all major loads from the power supply. When the horizontal winding of the deflection yoke was disconnected the loud chirp stopped. I had tech measure the yoke resistance. It was "0" ohms. Unit has a Defective yoke. Unit is a bonded CRT and Yoke assembly.
RCA PS32108 CTC187 Dead Unit is dead. Stand by power supply is chirping. The following diodes were shorted. CR4402= 242907, CR4403 = 243636. Also suggest that the following capacitors be replaced,.C4407= 218492 .(041UF J 400V), C4402= 206008 (0157UF HP 1.6KV)
GE 26GT621 CTC187 dead Dead, Fuse F4001 (pn# 175425), is open. Found very low resistance to hot ground, 3 homs at U4101(11). U4101 is shorted, it a STK730-130 (pn# 215530) & CR4106 (Pn# 164589) diode is also shorted. Unit will need U4101, F4001 (5A Fuse), and CR4106 Plus . Thanks to Dan @ DBS Electronics 01-11-2003
RCA PS27108 CTC187 Hum Low level 60 cycle hum in audio on some channels Its recommended when the two power transistors Q603 and Q604 in the power supply that they be replaced in pairs. Also it is necessary to check the Diodes in the +15 and -15 vdc power supply D655, D656. These feed the "D": board and could be shorted because of a defect on the shorted vertical outputs or convergence output IC. 
RCA F35670 CTC187 Intermittent video F35670 serial 703450022. When customer is using the DVD or a Sony play station the set will shut down. Flashes out of This unit looks like it is going into X-ray protect shut down mode. Tech needs go go into the tech parameters and change the video level on parameter 16 from 4 to 2. This should keep the unit from shutting down on high bright video peaks. If it still has the problem of shutting down the tech should replace C4401, and C4402 in the Horizontal output circuit. It may be the capacitors have decreased in value slightly and cause the High Voltage to increase proportionally. It is also possible the T2 chip may be at fault. Note: The jungle IC corrected the shut down symptom.
RCA F35670 CTC187 Intermittent video F35670 serial 703450022 Unit has a symptom when using the S-video input and a DVD player the picture will get bright and the screen will blank out stating "Unusable Signal" . This happens on video games also. Instructed tech to perform upgrade on this chassis from bulletin # TV97-006. It states to reduce the value of C1401 and C1402 from 3.3 mfd to 1 mfd. New part number 220998
GE 31GT660 CTC187 No H Sync 31GT660 serial 903411156 CTC187 Unit has no horizontal sync. When entering the tech menu the first parameter is the horizontal oscillator. It comes close to phase locking at Value 12. But when viewing the video is still out of horizontal phase lock I had the tech inspect the feedback pulse from the flyback at U1001(25) the pulse was 8 volts peak to peak. This indicated the IC is receiving the feed back pulse from the flyback. The next voltages to check are I1001(25, 20, 23,) 25 was 2.1, 20 was 1.05, and 23 was 0.6 (It should be 2.79) Unit has a shorted C4308 a .022 surface mounted capacitor
RCA PS32108 CTC187 no turn on Will not turn on. No activity during power up or immediately after CPU reset. All stand by supplies are normal.  Had tech check Data pin of EPROM and Micro for a logic high. All pins were low. Verified that no other load was on clock or data line. Floating the CPU pin 19 did not allow the land to go high. Unit has bad CPU U3101.
RCA PS27108 CTC187 no turn on Unit will not turn. At pin 20 of U1001 unit has 7.5 vdc and horizontal drive to emitter of Q4302 but too high. Over 2.5 volts positive drive voltage.  Q4301 appears to have a problem of no collector base conduction. The base should never go higher than 0.6 vdc for adequate drive. Discovered the transistor was open, but once replaced the high voltage was excessive triggering the XRP circuit. Retrace capacitor C4402 was open
RCA PS27108 CTC187 no turn on Unit will not turn on. Memory IC running too low of clock and data levels at pins 5 and 6. Only 1.7 volts PP. Floating U3201(5&6) EEPROM chip has no change in the effect.  Microprocessor U3101 is defective.
RCA PS32108 CTC187 no turn on RCA chassis Unit will not power on .  I had tech disable the Horizontal output. And measure the B+ on the collector of the Horizontal driver transistor. It was at "0" volts. Further measuring toward the power supply it was found that a open R4305 was causing the supply voltage to be low at the driver transformer.
GE 35GT695 CTC187 no turn on Unit will not turn . The set will not turn on. The Data o the CPU is holding the Data line down to 2 volts. There are no square wave signals on the Data line at the instant the set is plugged in, nor is it ever present when the set is turned on. Floating the Data U3101(20) brings the data line to 5 volts. Unit has defective Microprocessor.
PSN PS27108 CTC187 no vertical No vertical sweep All pins on U4510 have 20 volts on them with the exception of pin 4 which is ground. Unit has defective U4501.
RCA PS27108 CTC187 Pincushion Tech has sever pincushion distortion in picture. Tech replace several parts but has installed the wrong IC driver in Pin cushion board. Both IC are the same shape but electrically different. After correct IC was found the original symptom was still present. Shorted Q4803 a PNP transistor in the pre driver for the Pin Output was open. Replacement restored normal operation.
RCA 31GT760 CTC187 Pincushion RCA Picture is too narrow. Hour glass shape Had tech check out the Pincushion capacitors specifically C4402 & C4403. Unit has defective C4402 suggest CR4402 and C4402 be replaced.
RCA PS27108 CTC187 PIP Missing PIP operation. When PIP is invoked there is no box showing the PIP image When checking the signals needed at U2901 we found that the sandcastle puls was missing at U2901(19). It was discovered that the pulse was OK at Q2904(B) but absent at the collector. Q2904 defective.
PSN PS27400 CTC187 Pixelation PS27400. Serial 901611026 CTC187AN Unit has intermittent pixelation effect with audio drop out during this event. This occurs on any channel any time of the day. This pixelation is very common with digitally processed images or signals. If the Signal has a significant drop out or too many errored bits, pixelation or posterazation will be the effects. The television is connected to an "In House" MATV system in Beverly Hills. They are in a high rise appartment building. It is possoble if the appartment is delivering or processing the TV signals digitally the trouble could be caused by the MATV system. But this television has no digital processing of video, or audio to cause this effect. We asked customer to record this phenomena on a VCR so we can see exactly what the customer is seeing. If it is recordable the symptom is caused by the signal source. It was discovered that the MATV system uses a Digital CATV box similar to a DSS receiver. The trouble is the CATV box. The symptom shows up on our test set.
PSN 31GT660 CTC187 Power supply 31GT660 CTC187CN3. Unit is dead. C4107, and C4105 vented. Main B+ runnning at 240 volts DC. The tech needs to look very closely at a filter capoacitor C4127. This capacitor is tied into U4101(1) and is the feed back comparison from the switch mode transformer. 10 mfd @ 100vdc
PSN PS32108 CTC187CL3 Q4401 RCA This unit will run for a short period of time but the Q4401 overheats. c4709(47uf/50v) fixed hot Q4401,runs ice cold!
PSN PS32108 CTC187 Q4401 PS32108 638270216. Unit has over heated Q4401 in a very short period of time. In less than 2 minutes the operating temperature of Q4401 reaches 135 degrees. It will eventual short if left running. Previously the set was diagnosed with a bad flyback and shorted Q4401. The flybact was replaced and a SK series BUH517 was used to replace Q4401. It is unknown to this tech what the original generic number was for Q4401. When measuring the BUH517 transistor we found the Emitter/ Base resistance was over 1.8 megs. We used the 2SD1855 which has a Emitter Base resistance of 104 ohms. Suggest the tech try using the 2SD1885 as a replacement and see if the transistor operates withing normal operating temperature of <120 degrees. After 10 minutes of operation the temperature was only 108 degrees.
RCA PS32108 CTC187 retrace lines Bright screen with retrace lines. G2 voltage is 485 volts and G1 is 20 volts.  Had tech reduce the G2 voltage down to 260 VDC. We are unable to see any problem in the ability of the screen control to correctly track. No "Hot spots" within the travel of the control which might indicate why all of a sudden the G2 jumped up to 485. A
RCA PS27108 CTC187 shut down Unit goes into Xray shut down. Grounding the Xray unit will run but has audible squeal from flyback. Power supply output is normal.  Grounding Collector of video out transistor through a 4.7k resistor displays a "No vertical sweep condition". Also Unit give the impression that it has too many symptoms to be problems with each circuit. It is believed the trouble is related to the system control. Recommend to try the EPROM. After replacing the EPROM the unit ran fine. Horizontal oscillator was running too low in frequency.
RCA F35670 CTC187 Shut down F35670 serial 703450002. When customer is using the DVD or a Sony plat station the set will shut down This unit looks like it is going into X-ray protect shut down mode. Tech needs go go into the tech parameters and change the video level on parameter 16 from 4 to 2. This should keep the unit from shutting down on high bright video peaks. If it still has the problem of shutting down the tech should replace C4401, and C4402 in the Horizontal output circuit. It may be the capacitors have decreased in value slightly and cause the High Voltage to increase proportionally
GE 35GT695 CTC187 Shut down 35GT695 CTC187 TV will not turn on. No high voltage. Sound tries to come up but set goes into shut down in seconds. Unit has a loud squeal from flyback area. R2709 is burning up. R2709 is a resistor in the return leg of the high voltage winding. It is used as size compensation and ABL. If this resistor is burning up, then this return voltage is far greater than it should be. Unit hass defective flyback. The drawing number is 2G25028-B1B. part # 223952
PSN PS27108 CTC187 squeeling Unit has a hard squeal in the power supply. Tech reported that he replaced flyback transformer which did not correct the symptom. Tech did not diagnosis this well. He thought the noise was coming from the flyback but in reality it was coming front SMPS. I has tech disconnect the Horizontal output transistor and see if the squeal stil persists. It still persists. This indicates the secondary of the power supply has a sever load on it. Tech does not have time right now to trouble shoot this unit and wants to order U4101
RCA 31GT658 CTC187 stereo Unit will not get stereo reception. Tech cannot get into service menu from keyboard.  Problem is caused by the EPROM. Had tech ground all pins with conductive sponge pad to clear stuck address. This method works sometimes. Tech needs to access the menu so he can write down the data values. This worked. He can now order the replacement EPROM
RCA F32632SB CTC187 system control Tech replaced the EPROM. Now the tech menu cannot be accessed from the front panel Unit locked out using the parental lock out settings. Tech needs to access the feature using the customers remote control
RCA PS32108 CTC187 System control Unit will not turn off.  Ran the Chipper Checker on this unit and initialized the EPROM as a dead set using the home made closed pin clip. Removing the solder from U3102(5,6) and clipping on to the EPROM we were able to reload the software in this chip. Working normally.
RCA F35670 CTC187 System control F35670 serial 63647118 Set will run after turn on then blank out for a few seconds then back on again with the OSD showing the channel as it does when the set is turned on. This symptomatic of the Reset circuit being triggered. Tech needs to replace the reset capacitor C3126 part # 217298
RCA PS27108 CTC187 tuning No low band vhf reception but has reception above 51. This set is on CATV. OK for IFS. Possible U7301 are all off. Pin 11 and 9 are too high. This is a Dip chip with staggered pin. It is the U/V mixer/Oscillator chip. The VHF oscillator is dead where the UHF is OK.
RCA PS32108 CTC187 tuning Unit has poor tuner sensitivity in the UHF spectrum. Affecting CATV channel 51 through 125 Tech needs to check the alignment parameters for address 25 through 31 Tech looking for values that are at the extreme ends of the value. i.e. 00 or 63. ...Gave tech nominal values on another set in shop. 25=8, 26=26, 27=9, 28=25, 29=8, 30=40, and 31=38. All of these values moderatly close but not close enough to elimminate herringbone on CATV channels 51, 60, 62, & 63. Tech indicated that the values of all tuner parameters were 31. This indicated the Tuner was not in proper alignment. Alignig tuner with the TAG-001 corrected the trouble.
RCA PS32108 CTC187 tuning Unit will not change frequency below channel 51. The Channel number will change but only will appear. Customere is on CATV and all channels operate fine above CATV channel 51.  This indicates the band selection is stuck in band 3. U7401 pin 9 never go to 7.5 vdc for band 1 and band 2. Unit has defective U7401
RCA PS32108 CTC187 tuning RCA . Unit does not receive any reception. All snow on all channels. Customer on CATV with CATV box on channel 3.  I had tech operate the set without the CATV box and try all bands in the tuner. Band 1 is 2 through 17, band 2 is 18 through 50, and band 3 is 51 through 125. It was discovered the tuner operated on 51 to the upper most CATV channel provided to this area. Further checking of the Quad op Amp U7501(7, 8,&14) in band 3 the voltage would rise when the next higher channel was selected. But in band 1 and 2 the voltage was always 33 vdc. All other band switching was occurring normally. This indicated the local oscillator for band 1 and 2 is not running. It is recommended to replace the U7301 the UHF/VHF mixer oscillator. U7301 was defective.
RCA PS32108 CTC187 tuning RCA Unit looses all low band channels above channel 24 but channel 51 ad above are working fine. This symptom matched the trouble found in the mixer oscillator part # 215534 U7301. Band 1 and 2 are dropping out but band 3 is fine.
RCA  F32670 CTC187 tuning Unit does not have any VHF channel reception Checked the PLL chip IC7501 and discovered there isn't any crystal operation of Y7401. Data OK at input of PLL chip. Suggest tech replace the PLL chip or crystal Y7401. Replacement of Y7401 corrected the fault.
PSN PS32108 CTC187 Tuning Unit will not tune on channel. Intresting thing, this was if cable. When cable was connected to this unit it received all channes. But closer with closer attension it was discovered the all channels were off by at least 1 channel. When TV is on 10 it is actually receiving channel 9. Creference crystal Y7501 was off frequency Part #230708
RCA P32108 CTC187 Tuning Will not receive any reception from CATV channels 23 through 50. Tech had replace U7301 without effecting the symptom. The problem was actually caused by too low of tuning voltage The 33 vdc used for the tuners tuning voltage was reduced to 19.9 volts. This was caused by a open C4130 a 10mfd@160 vdc 193039. This capacitor is the first low pass filter in the power supply for the tuning. With the new capacitor the input voltage before the 33 vdc zener was 68 vdc.
PSN PS27108 CTC187 vertical sync Original Problem was vertical roll, but the menu held in place. After repairing the tuner grounds, replacing the vertical output chip and the eeprom, (all of which didn't fix the vertical roll), I replaced the T-chip, U1001 (LA7610) and the problem was solved. Now it works!