RCA D61130 CTC211 convergence Totally MIS-CONVERGED. No convergence menu. Convergence output heatsinks are cold . , NO B+  from the  convergence power supply. Found that C19714 (PARALLEL TO CR19710) was defective, value decreased  from 470MFD to 300MFD  Thanks to LSN of 1124 Hicksville, NY
RCA D61130 CTC211 Dead As you know it is difficult and time consuming to service the (Multi-Media) MM series of chassis in the home.  The manner in which the chassis is "packaged" adds time to the troubleshooting process.  In a dead set situation, there's no short cut to getting the chassis in the service position.  You must have access to the bottom of the chassis and this requires time to unbundled wire runs, remove the CRT sockets, lift the chassis to the vertical position and remove the tray on the bottom of the tray.  After this is accomplished it is important to look for the "must haves": Verify 5vdc standby on Pin 29 of the micro. Verify ON/OFF on Pin 4 of the micro.   Check the 76Vdc line. If missing check ohms to ground on the   secondaries.  Drop the CRT sockets. Jumper Q14105 E to B, this can be done with a small solder bridge and open Coil L14760 (this will prevent HV)   Troubleshoot power supplies,  check Pin 3 of the micro for a high of   5.1Vdc.  If the pin is low the set is in shutdown. Checking this pin as one of your first steps is important in your divide  and conquer techniques. The point is to take your time, and follow the recommended trouble-shooting steps as outlined  in your training manuals.
RCA D61130 CTC211 Dead No stand by supply. Nothing happens when the Power button is pushed. Monitoring CR14611 and Cr14609 on the secondary of T14600 the standby transformer the tech found no B+. Power supply had a burnt order and a faint chirp when power was connected Problem was caused by a shorted diode in the stand by secondary side of T14600. Diode CR14602 was shorted. It had also burned R14609 a 10 ohm 1/2 watt resistor. The incredible thing about this resistor is, that it is mounted on the board under the Transformer T14600. This forced the tech to have to remove the transformer before the resistor could be replaced. Part # for CR14602 is 243048
RCA D61130 CTC211 Dead Unit has stand by supply but the TV will not turn on. None of the switched secondary voltages from the T14100 secondary ever came up. When checking all the diodes on the secondary, Like CR14113 should have been 31 vdc for the audio output. CR14110 also had no D.C. voltages when attempting to turn on the unit. However the power supply chirped when the power button was pushed. Checking around this secondary the Diode CR14110 has extremely low resistance across it, approx 2.7 ohms. Removing the diode from circuit this 2.7 ohms disappeared Diode was shorted PN# 243844
RCA D61130 CTC211 Dead Repeat failures of Q14601, or the transistor  overheats after replacement. Gate voltage of transistor reads higher than  nornal. check or replace C14601 2.2MFD. Part number 242026 Thanks to Yakov Budilov@45
RCA D61130 CTC211 DEAD  Dead, AC fuse blown (F14200)

Troubleshooting Hint: Check for a shorted Q19701 on the convergence power supply and repair if necessary. Check for a shorted CR14611 which supplies the 33v to the PIP tuner. Check ALL parts listed below and replace if necessary. Common Defective components involved:

Q14601            201152
Q14602            248597                                                                                                                     Q14603            232218
R14604            241313  (15ohm 1/2watt flameproof)  
CR14615          227887  (5.1v zener 1.3watt)                     CR14613          236168      (12v zener 1.3 watt)
CR14611          227066  (More reliable)
F14200             243853      (6A mini fuse)
R14606            215212  (3ohm 3watt)
RCA D61130 CTC211 Dead  DEAD. Standby power supply not working. No secondary voltages found ate the secondary of Q14601. Measuring the conditions around Q14601 we found nothing shorted. Q14601(D) was 164 vdc, But the gate was "0" volts. Closer checking found 14602 680K open.
RCA D52130 CTC211 Dead Unit dead. Has no measurable B+ on secondary side of standby power supply. Checking the secondary of T14600 there were no voltages or short circuits on CR14611, CR14609, CR14608, CR14607, or CR14602. Q14601(G) had only 2 volts on it. Q14601(D) had 173 DC ref to Hot ground. Doing static checks around the soft start circuit We found an open R14618 a 680K 1/2 watt resistor.
RCA D52130 CTC211 Geometry Re: Picture has a North/South Bow. Hint the heat sinks on convergence Amp board are running cold as a stone yet and all operating voltages appear to be normal. When checking around U19501 for the horizontal and vertical signals use to create the convergence correction signals the Hsync was missing U19501(27) and the Vsync at Pin (28) was correct. Following the source of the Hsync found that buffer transistor Q19302(C ) was missing the pulse but the Emitter was OK with nearly 30 volts PP horizontal pulse at 2h. Problem was localized to a zener diode that was leaky at the base of Q19301(B) 15V  Zener diode CR19302. Part # 237473
RCA D61130 CTC211 Line, blue Unit has a thin blue line in the raster. All modes and all inputs Problem caused by progressive scanconverter. Click on document to see where it is located
RCA D61130 CTC211 Raster missing Intermittent raster and sound. No error codes listed in the memory of the EEPROM. Checking the data to and from the Multiplexer IC U13203 found irregular data levels. These levels should always be at 5 volts peak to peak or very close to it. Heating this IC caused U13202(12) to drop from 4.98 volts Peak to peak to 3.9 volts PP. Although this is still high enough for the set to operate it would only take a drop on this pin to 3.7 to cause the peripheral connected to this Run Data line and cause the set to shut down. It was suggested to replace this device U13203 part# 248039 and test the same point again with the heat..
RCA D61130 CTC211 Shutdown Problem:  Unit shuts down after 5-10 seconds of play

Checked all standby supplies and found the standby. 5v reading 7.5 volts steady on CR14606(K).  7.5 volts being fed to the microprocessor and eeprom is too high!! After checking the feedback / voltage reference circuit( U14703), we found capacitor C14606 reading 1 megaohm. This condition caused the precision regulator to over compensate the primary standby regulator. This caused the secondary voltages to go increase.  The value of the components in this circuit are very critical are rated at 1% tolerance. Replacing C14606 (Part number 240934) fixed the unit.
RCA D61130 CTC211 Shutdown Unit will turn on but it will shut down just after the raster begins to show up. Other observations are the vertical sweep is reduced at the top and there are noticeable vertical retrace lines at the top of the screen.. When monitoring the secondary of the main power supply (Q14101) we found all the secondaries to be reduced about 40%. Disabling  the 67 vdc source by cutting JW14763 & JW14764, and forcing "on" the main supply by shorting Q14105(E&B), caused the main supply secondaries to run at normal voltage. Process of elimination lead us to CR14701, the 210vdc rectifier was leaky. Note Static checks indicated the diode was OK but replacement of the diode corrected the symptom. Part # 214655. Thanks to Stuart Olsen Pheonix, Arizona