RCA F38310 DTV307 Cycling on and off Degaussing relay clicking at a 1/2 to 1 second rate. TV will not turn on or turn off. Stand by voltage and DM-1 power supply are running correctly When checking the main power supply Q14100 secondaries we found that 76 vdc supply was bouncing from 0 to 56 volts about ever 1/2 second. Even if Q14105 was removed from the circuit it was bouncing from 56 to zero volts. Jumping the transistor side of U14201(3 & 4) causes the power supply to stop cycling and run normally. Unit has defective U14201 pn# 223653
RCA F38310 DTV306GA DEAD P61310 DTV307GA U14102 Power Supply Dead Set, Fans start up and then shut down.  Found U14102 shorted pin 1 to 2 in run power supply. Replaced the photo coupler
RCA F38310 DTV306 Dead Repeat failures of Q14601, or the transistor  overheats after replacement. Gate voltage of transistor reads higher than  normal. check or replace C14601 2.2MFD. Part number 242026 Thanks to Yakov Budilov@45
RCA F38310 DTV306 Dead Unit will not turn on. Standby voltages at the DM-1 module is OK but the Chassis standby is low and chirping. The area around Q14601 circuitry is chirping. All standby voltages are about 10% of normal except CR14611 where we have no voltage. Tech found the shorted CR14611 on the secondary of T14600. Replaced the diode and the set operated again. NOTE: This resistor supplies the +33 vdc to the PIP tuner. In this case the current limiting resistor should be checked. It is located under T14600. It's value is 10 ohms 1/2 watt. It is possible that this resistor is burned and if so it will compromise it's reliability. If burned, change it! part # 241259
RCA F38310 DTV306 Dead
RCA F38310 DTV306 DEAD. Standby power supply working but main power supply not working.
C14127 180ufd/16Volts bad
RCA F38310 DTV306 High voltage When power is applied to television or at "Plug In" the high voltage would come up without turning on the set. Went to micro U13101(4) and found it to be at 5 volts. Checking U13101(16) it had .3 vdc when it was supposed to be in standby supply and CR14608(K) was only at .6 volts. The diode checked good, replaced and got the 5 volts back, but Replace CR14608
RCA F38310 DTV306 Horizontal Sweep Unit has insufficient horizontal sweep. Deflection B+ was running correctly at 67 vdc. This is the normal B+ here at T14800(14). The Horizontal width would vary in the tech menu. It just did not seem to have enough range.  Checking around Q14803(E) found it to be 4 volts instead of 5.1 These components are located in the Width reference circuit. CR14802 appears to be leaky, Replacing the device corrected the symptom. This was a 5.1 volt zener diode.
RCA F38310 DTV306 Horizontal width Unit has insufficent horizontal sweep and poor E/W pincushion correction. B+ at TP14801 was only 77 volts where it should have been near 100 vdc. B+ at Q14451 was only 65 volts. Further checking discovered that Diode CR14813 was leaky. Measured 93 ohms both directions. This was part of the boost circuit and is responsible for delivering the added B+ for E/W pincushion correction. Part # 147015. This is a standard 1000 1 amp diode like one from 1/4 of a bridge rectifier.
RCA F38310 DTV306GA No Turn on No turn on of the Television. The . DM-1 power supply module not be running. We are seeing an increased failure of  C14115 and C14113 (P/N 248988) on the DM-1 module.  Until part orders are completed some techs have been using generic replacements ( typically 4700MFD@25Vdc) in order to get the customers set up and running. Please note that this is a critical safety component.  The temperature rating of the mfg cap is 105degrees C and the generic is generally the standard 85degrees C.   You must install a cap with the proper temperature coefficient.  The new capacitor must have the proper temperature rating  of (105C). RCA New style capacitor is a  gold color with a blue stripe.
RCA F38310 DTV306 ON but no control When the TV is plugged in the TV turn on with high voltage but no vertical sweep but have only 4 inches of horizontal sweep. When checking the Microprocessor U13101 B+ we found that the voltages were only 2.2 volts. In fact all stand by voltages were approximately 50% of their normal values. Further checking the secondary of T14601 tech found CR14602 is shorted. Part# 234048
RCA F38310 DTV306 PIP No PIP from the second tuner. PIP operates correctly if the PIP source is composite or S-video. This TV was a "call back" The previous symptom was a dead set. Tech found a shorted CR14611, but  did not see the burned resistor caused by the shorted diode R14609. This device is located underneath T14600. You will have to remove the transformer to gain access to  it. Tech replaced the resistor and corrected the no PIP from PIP tuner symptom. part is a 10 ohm 1/2 watt resistor. Part#  241259
RCA F38310 DTV306 Raster, Sound missing Unit has no raster or sound in any input but in HDTV 1080i. All other inputs are inoperative. OSD is fine Checking around the DM1 module we found the (Minus)5 volts at the output of U14103 was only (minus)2 volts where the input was the same. This was caused by CR1408 Part #234048 which had broken down.
RCA F38310 DTV306 SATELLITE RECEIVER NOT WORKING No satellite reception. Found output from DM-1 was at 25vdc when measured at the satellite cable input connector. It should have been switching from 13 to 18. Checking U24502 on DM-1 power supply we found pins 2 and 4 shorted, removed short and unit started working properly removed short between pins 2 & 4 of U24502
RCA F38310 DTV306 SATELLITE RECEIVER NOT WORKING No Satellite reception. Unit does not have the 13 to 18 vdc out of the DM-1 modules on the Satellite input connector. It was "0" volts. Checking U24502(7) had "0" volts on it, and there was a direct short to ground. CR24501 was shorted pn# 232244
RCA F38310 DTV306GA TUNER IN OPERATIVE Power Supply The main tuner failed to work in the antenna mode. PIP tuner was OK. The Dish and video inputs did work. The DM1 checked out OK. We found the 33-volt supply down to 16- VDC. CR14109 (33-volt zener), located on the DM-1 module power supply,  was leaky. Replacement restored normal operation. replaced CR14109