RCA ITC008 27V550 Audio pop When the set is turn on the is a "POP" in the audio that occurs each time the set is turned on. Normal MUTE operation operates correctly, Just "on" and "off" have the "POP". Checking IS20(11) the audio output it was discovered that capacitor CS202 was missing from the board. Replacing it with a 47mfd@50vdc cured the symptom.
RCA ITC008 27V550 Color missing Unit has no color in any input. Tuner, composite, or S-video is in black and whit only. This condition can be intermittent When monitoring Pin 14 tech found the B+ voltages to be unstable. Problem was caused by a defective CV002 a 100mfd @ 24vdc electrolytic Part # 256801
RCA ITC008 27V550 Dead Unit will not turn on. No standby or main supply. Nothing shorted in the primary of the power supply If one were to closely listen to the initial start up of this SMPS at plug in there was not any small chirp of the switching power supply. Checking the soft start resistors RP006 & RP007 we found that RP007 was open. Both resistors are 120K@1/4watt.  Part # 220644.
RCA ITC008 27V550 Dead Unit has loud pop in left speaker as soon as the TV is plugged in. Low pitch whine from power supply. TV will not turn on. Tech replaced IS200 and the TV turned on but the tech did not connect the speaker plug. But after reconnecting the speaker the set popped in d the set shut off. After further checking with the speakers disconnected there was 16 volts measured at the speaker wires for the left speaker where the right speaker was under 1 volt. The trouble was caused by a shorted CS211 a 1000mfd@25vdc, pn# 201162
RCA ITC008 27V550 Dead Unit is dead. Further checking finds DP027 shorted. Nothing else was shorted. Replacing the diode and reapplying power again shorts DP027 again. Placing the power supply on a variable isolated power supply we discovered the supply would run at 55 VAC in the stand by mode. But if the AC supply was increased to 60 volts the Secondary B+ at DP80 was in excess of 136vdc. Investigating deeper into the secondary of the power supply the tech found DP63 breaking down. This apparently caused a failure in the feedback reference for the regulator to run at the correct voltage. Replacing DP063 part# 243844, and DP027 a 27v zener diode 244835  corrected the trouble.
RCA ITC008 32V550T Dead Unit has the main power supply voltage 19, 13, 126 vdc. However there is no B+ to the IR receiver or the EEPROM IR001(8)  TR005(E) has no 5 volts. Neither does the Base, but the Collector has 6 volts.  Zenor diode DR001 is shorted. Diode is a 5.6 vdc zenor. Part # 215488
RCA ITC008 32V550T Green missing Unit has a Magenta raster. Green CRT cathode running at near 200 vdc Checking the presence of Red Green and blue drives, at IB001(7,8,&9) located on the CRT board, the tech found the both red(9) and blue(7) were normal, but the green(8) was nearest to VCC. Problem was a leaky DB071 part # 230757. Replacing the diode cured the symptom.
RCA ITC008 27V550 Horizontal tearing When changing the channel, the picture tears. This was observed after the set was on for several hours and when the channel is changed. The horizontal frequency will drift down to approx. 14900htz-15000htz. This is enough to cause the horizontal lines to appear, and cause the picture to "tear". This happens very consistantly after on for several hours of run operation.
Starting in the Horizontal VCO section of IV001 which is pin 17, Tech noticed by touching CV006 locked the horizontal in. By changing the channel, the picture will still drift out horizontally though. Tech changed CV006 (256858) and this repaired the TV.  Thanks To Mark in Northeast Ohio.

RCA ITC008 27V530 Horizontal width Jitter I have had two RCA 27V530 televisions with the common intermittent shut
down preceded by the raster (fluctuating) shrinking from the sides. One of them I replaced the EWM board several months ago and seemed to be ok but the problem came back. Thompsons web site indicates possible corrosion at connector BL103 on the EWM board so I tried cleaning them with no luck. They suggest ordering the connector to fix the problem.
I didn't want to order or wait for the connector so in both cases I cut the connector off and soldered the three leads directly to the board.  The problem still existed so I then cut about two inches of length out of the leads and resoldered them to the EWM board. To this date BOTH units are working normal with NO changes in raster size or shutdown occurring.  This leads me to believe that the cables either were bad internally or the extra length was creating some capacitance and being near the IHVT might be picking up interference from it...I would think this fix should work on any ITC008 chassis.  Thank to Don Pierson
RCA ITC008 32V550 Raster flickering Unit has an intermittent condition of the brightness getting too bright where retrace lines are seen. Reducing the G2 voltage temporally solves the trouble but it will return in a few hours. Monitoring the G2 the tech found the voltage was running at 388 vdc measured with a Fluke 77 and a high voltage probe adapter. 1000 to 1.  When the raster was bright the voltage would raise up over 410 vdc. Disconnecting the CRT socket we found the voltage was still erratic. Tech condemned the flyback. After replacement the G2 voltage stabilized.  Part location LL005 Part # 262342
RCA ITC008 32V550 Raster missing TV has High voltage, filaments, deflection, and sound but no raster.Rasing the G2 voltage has no effect Checking the G2 voltage at the socket we fount hat it was only 5 volts. Removing the CRT socket did not improve that reading. With the TV Off the G2c resistance was measured and fount it was just under 820K. Removing the capacitor CB001  value is a .01 @3KV part number 257975
RCA ITC008 32V550T Shutdown Unit shuts down right after turn on. Unit has vertical and horizontal sweep. 
The tech opened DL062, board coordinates for this is U11. Located  just left of the flyback as viewed from the back of the set..  This diode  monitors the pincushion output transistor.  It will shut down the horizontal drive at TL061. problem was a defect in the pincushion circuit. Recommend replacing pincushion board Part #  263370.
RCA ITC008 27V550 Shutdown Unit has intermittent E/W shaking just before the unit shuts off. Tech fought this symptom for hours. Without correcting. Resoldering the Pincushion area did not solve the  problem. I had tech hard wire the Pincushion board to the main chassis. Remove the connector BL003/BL103 and hardwire both ends of the cable. This solved the shutdown symptom.
RCA ITC008 27V550 shutdown Intermittent Unit has intermittent shutdown. Unit may play for several hours then it will shutdown. Sometimes customer notices that the horizontal sync or looses stability Defective   CV006 pn 256858,  CV007 pn 244072. These devices are in the 1600fh VCO PLL filter circuit. Components are SMD devices and the symptom was aggravated by heating and freezing. Both devices were replaced at the same time so it was unclear which one actually caused the trouble.
RCA ITC008 27V550 SYNC missing Unit has poor horizontal and vertical sync. This condition can be intermittent When monitoring Pin 14 tech found the B+ voltages to be unstable. Problem was caused by a defective CV002 a 100mfd @ 24vdc electrolytic Part # 256800
RCA ITC008 32V550T Tuning Unit has no reception.. All snow. All B+ to tuner are normal. AGC voltage is 5.5 vdc no matter what channel we tune to. After checking B+ and confirming they were OK it was then time to check the Data and clock. The tuner NH001(4) was missing the clock signal. It was low. RH003 was cracked. It is a 2.7K located at 2W on the main circuit board. Part # 256762
RCA ITC008 27V550 Video noisy Horizontal lines TV has random horizontal lines of noise video in the tuner mode only. The composite and component mode are perfect. Sound is normal in all modes. Further checking the tech found that the stronger the signal the lower the noise factor was. Scoping the tuner NH001(1) the tech found that when the horizontal lines were the worst the AGC line at the tuner had random spikes and sawtooth waves. They were over 1.5 v pp. We ESR'd capacitor CH008 and found it to be over 100 ohms of ESR resistance. Replacing the 4.7mfd@25vdc cured the symptom.