RCA MM102 MM52100 No Raster Unit has no raster but has sound and high voltage. Closer inspection finds the set has not illumination from filaments on all CRT's checking the circuitry that drive the filaments we found an open R14774.
RCA MM102 MM52100 Shut down Unit will run then shut down unexplainably. The set can be turned on again and will run fine. Shutdown is random. Error codes will be registered. We have 3 three instances the techs have re-soldered the multiplexer IC U13202, next to U13101. Also , remove microprocessor and EPROM(U13101 & U13102) and re-seated them. These are socketed.This might indicate that the soockets are oxidizing and becomming intermittent. Following this proceedure the televisions seemd to be operating fine.If anyone else runs across this, let me know