SYO AVM2528   AUDIO AVM2528 No audio. At speaker terminals. Tech needs to check the source of audio to the output stage. We has audio all the way up to the audio output transistors but not at the decoupling Capacitor at the primary of the audio output transformer. C602 Dried out . 10MFD@ 160 VDC.
SYO AVM2503 G3M-25030 DEMO MODE AVM2503 Unit is stuck in the Demo mode Press and hold the menu key  on the television for 10 ~ 15 seconds or until the demo goes away
SANYO AVM2503 G3M-25030 Horizontal sweep narrow Unit has dark raster with narrow raster. Measured B+ from IC001(4) and found it was only 97 volts. IC001(3) was only 97 volta bit the B+ at C006(+) was 155 vdc. Checking around main B+ regulator found that C007 was vented and R007 was open. Tech replaced C007=4.7mfd@160vdc & R007=5.6ohm@2watt. Corrected the symptom.
SYO AVM2505 G3V Tuning No tunning. When trying to change channels the numbers will change on the screen but the tuner will not tune any channel. However when changing between channel 6 and 7 there is a slight change in the background noise indicating band switching has occurred. When monitoring the TB voltage at the tuner we found the voltage was always 0.1 volts. Monitoring the voltage at D502(K) we had 17 volts. Floating the TB line on the tuner brought back our 33 vdc tuning voltage on TB. Tuner defective. PN# 645-007-0938