BRAND Model Chassis Keyword SYMPTOM CURE
Toshiba CF2666   dead CF2666 . Unit blows IC 302 and current limiting resistor at the instant of turn on. Problem caused by ca capacitor in the vertical output circuit called C308. The cap changes value and increases the current through the IC302 beyond its limit.
Toshiba CF2667R   dark raster CF2667R. Unit has a very dark picture. G2 voltage Normal. When the G2 is raised up the screen will go to a brighter screen, then pop and go to a green screen at the top half of the picture then black at the bottom G2 voltage measures the same connected to the CRT as it does when it is disconnected. After tapping on CRT neck the condition cleared up and did not return. Recommend tech check back with customer in a few days. This condition appears to be a CRT failure. Set failed again in 3 days . Unit has a defective CRT
Toshiba CX3285A   no turn on CX3285A Unit will not turn on. Measuring the B+ on the CPU found it to be only 4 volts on ICA01(54). Checking the B+ on at the output of the 5 volt regulator found the same low voltage on the output as on the input. Tech replace capacitor C814(1000mfd@ 25 volts) This restored normal voltages to the CPU but it still did not turn on. Further checking the CPU "Must Haves" it was discovered the reset was low instead of 5 volts. Capacitor CA72(2200mfd @ 6.3vdc w
Toshiba CX3583   no audio CX3583 NO audio from the speakers but audio OK on the line outputs. If the speaker mute line from microprocessor was disconnected or grounded the audio returns. Tech replaced microprocessor without changing symptom. Had tech check into the customer user parameters and check to see if the "Speaker Off" has been selected. This is a software switch. Speakers were turned "Off".. Set returned to normal operation
Toshiba TP48E60   N/S pincushion Unit has top bottom pincushion and center convergence is out Tech asked about this unit in passing. No voltages readings or circuit observations optioned. Gave tech factory modification relating to replacement of C7768 and increasing the value to .1 mfd. Also Add C7773 a 470mfd @50vdc.
Toshiba CF2662   AFT CF2662B AFT drifts off channel. Takes 1 second to lock in on any channels. Tech replaced the tuner for this symptom which did not correct the symptom. Had tech check the AFT voltage on the CPU after the picture has stabilized. The voltage at IA01(39) was at 5 volts after the picture has stabilized. It should have been "0". Tech checked the CATV HRC, STD settings on the cust menu. The settings were at HRC. Tried STD and tried the channel change operation again. Everything now functions.
Toshiba CX2778   R840 CX2778 Unit runs but R840 is overheating. For the -30 vdc supply. The technician did not mention in his first call to me the is the anode of D841 is in excess of 68 vdc. This indicated the SMPS for the standby power supply is not regulating. The voltage is supposed to be around 38 vdc. C822 was the possible cause.
Toshiba TP48C50   Focus TP48C50 Blue will not focus . Poor resolution across the screen. When looking into the lens the Phosphor is coffee colored. Unit has defective blue CRT. The Red & blue are normal.
Toshiba TP48E60   N/S pincushion TP48E60 Unit has top bottom pincushion and center convergence is out There is a modification from the factory relating to replacement of C7768 and increasing the value to .1 mfd. Also Add C7773 a 470mfd @50vdc.
Toshiba CE36G18   Vertical Highly intermittent vert deflection. Pressing on circuit board in area of  vertical output ic effectes the symptom. All connections on ic were fine The solution was to resolder R327. The corrected the trouble.