Using the
Thomson Chipper Checker
to cure the corrupted EEPROMS
in the following chassis
CTC174, CTC175, CTC176, CTC177, CTC184, CTC186, & CTC187
Build the adapter that will make this possible for these chassis
For those of you unfamiliar with the Chipper Checker I will try to explain it. It consists of an interface box,  Chipper Checker software, appropriate cables, and adapters. The interface box connects to any existing desktop or laptop computer with Windows 95 or better and to the television needing service.

With this equipment a technician can reload factory default values and customer Parameter values (if previously saved) into the televisions EEPROM or clone another EEPROM with the same exact Data.. This process is usually necessary when the data becomes corrupted because of bad tuner grounds, power surges, or anything else that will corrupt data.

The default parameter values are not available through the normal customer or service menu.  This is why the Chipper Checker software has all of the default parameter values, for all the Thomson televisions from the CTC175 through the CTC203. Recently Thomson has added the MMC101 & MMC102 , DTV306 & DTV307, ATC113, ATC211, & ATC311. The latter are Thomson's multimedia monitors and HDTV's.  Chipper Checker II version 1.79  is the most up to date version as of 12-12-2002. A complete version of the software is available from Thomson Web site at  Chipper Checker Page  No password is required.

What is not commonly known is the Chipper Checker can be used to initialize EEPROM's back to factory default values on several older chassis which are listed at the top of this document.  I have found the majority of EEPROMS are not bad, just contain corrupted data. A special adapter is needed to accomplish this task. Click here for instructions on how to build this adapter.

One can initialize, download, or upload all customer, and default parameter values from the televisions EEPROM with the Chipper Checker. One can also store these same parameter values on the computer. They can also be read and changed standard text editor, but this is not recommended unless you are an advanced user. You will not be able to do any real time alignments these older chassis with the Chipper Checker.

Real time alignments, diagnostics, & initialization can be performed on the following chassis CTC178, 179, 188, 189, 195, 197, 203 using the same Chipper Checker hardware and software.

CAUTION : With any type of service of this nature it is strongly suggested that a isolation transformer  be used when performing this procedure. In order for this to work the televisions standby power supply (5 volt) must be operational. Otherwise an external 5 volts supply will be necessary.

I'm also making the assumption that the reader knows the basics of navigating around a Windows based operating system, and has operated a Chipper Checker before.

Remove Power from the television

STEP 1. Check the generic type of microprocessor used in the television. If the set has a Motorola (U3101) ground pin 1. If the set has a ST (U3101) ground pin 2. Keep the pin grounded while the EEPROM is being initialized. Remember to remove the ground after initialization.

STEP 2.  Connect the IC test clip to U3201 EEPROM. Be sure to align pin 1 on the IC to pin 1 of the test clip.

STEP 3.  Start the Chipper Checker program by double clicking on the Chipper Checker icon. You will see a screen that comes up and 5 button boxes.

STEP 4. Press the, "Select Chassis" button box.. As soon as you click on the button, a list of chassis numbers will be displayed. Find your chassis and click on it 1 time. Then apply power to the television.

Select the chassis first then connect then apply power to the television. If power is applied before the chassis is selected a NO COMMUNICATIONS error will result.

STEP 5. Click on "Continue". A dialogue box will confirm the chassis you selected.

STEP 6. The next screen is the Customer Info Screen. You must enter a Reference #, the MODEL and SERIAL of the television. Then click on the "Save" button

STEP 7. You will be prompted to give a name to the file you will be creating. The file name must not exceed 8 characters and MUST always have the extension of .csm

STEP 8. At this time the tabs at the top of the computer page will give the ability to select EEPROM, Diagnostics & Reports. In this article I will only discuss the EEPROM tab.  A very well documented "HELP" file is included in the Chipper Checker software. Click on the EEPROM tab. From this level you can "View" the Data in the EEPROM, "Download" EEPROM data,  "Restore" the Data from a previous download, and most important, "Reinit" (Re-initialize)---The process of uploading the factory default data.

STEP 9. You are now your ready to initialize the EEPROM. Click on the "Reinit" button. In a few seconds the EEPROM is initialized.

STEP 10. After a successful initialization unplug the set remove ground placed on the CPU in Step 1. Disconnect the Chipper Checker Interface adapter.  Reapply power to the set and turn it on.  Things should normalized.

NOTE: There have been some cases where the television shuts down. This is rare, but if so it may be due to the master scan oscillator might be way off frequency. One trick that works great is reduce the A.C. line voltage by using a Variac. Attempt to turn on the television with the least amount of AC line voltage. Enter the service mode by pressing and holding the "MENU" button. Then  "POWER" then "VOLUME UP", then release both buttons. Move "VOLUME UP" to V76. Then "CHANNEL UP" once. "P1" should be the first parameter and "V" is the value. It should be about 12 ~ 15. If yours is not within that range move it by adjusting the "VOLUME UP OR DOWN" to achieve the either zero beat of the Horizontal Oscillator or these numbers.

Good Luck
Dennis Viereck CEA