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of Sick TVs

The following linked photos are of real symptoms that appeared on several televisions serviced by me. Some of the photos were shot by customers, technicians, and myself. They reflect some typical and not so typical symptoms that are seen throughout the service industry.

The purpose of this page is to share these symptoms as still pictures, and give a verbal description that can be universally understood by each technician. Some of these symptoms are very basic but the description is important in order to accurately communicate it to another technician or to Tech Support where the second party cannot see the television.

A few cures and explanations have been placed with each picture but no attempt was to make this a detailed  Symptom/Cure page as with my TSS logs.
60Hz Ripple 
A single horizontal line that usually travels up the screen slowly. Key is, there is only 1 line at a time on the screen.
60Hz Ripple
120 HZ Ripple 
Two horizontal lines that usually travels up the screen slowly. Note the difference from 60Hz is.
120HZ- Ripple
Line Paring 
A crisscrossing of horizontal lines caused sometimes resembling a basket weave. The distortion can be seen on the high side input of vertical deflection yoke as high frequency ripple in the ramp portion of the signal.
No Luminance 
Loss of the black and white portion. I find some technicians & customers call this a negative picture. 
Random Horizontal White Lines 
This symptom was caused by an open by-pass electrolytic capacitor which filtered the AGC voltage to the tuner.
No Chroma 
NTSC color bars displaying a no chroma symptom.
All Snow or White Noise 
NO Reception, Horizontal bands of snow accompanied by a low pitch whine in the audio.
This is a MGA V11 chassis. The problem was the PLL in the tuner falls out of phase lock. Replaced the tuner 
Crisscross lines
Note: These lines are not causing any vertical scan effects like the symptom of Line Paring. The was caused by a defective IC in the black expansion circuit of a MGA V10
This is caused by the shadow mask expanding in areas   of high brightness. This expansion causes a blistering of the shadow mask causing the electron beam to hit the wrong phosphor.
White screen with Retrace Lines 
NOT NO PICTURE!  Disregard the white diagonal line. It's from the camera shutter. I'll do better next time.
NO Raster. (No light being produced on the CRT face plate) 
Probable causes could br no filaments, No high voltage, No G2 voltage... 
Weak signal WEAK SIGNAL 
No Red / Green & Blue OK NO RED
No Blue / Green & Red OK NO BLUE
No Green / Red & Blue OK NO GREEN
No Vertical Sweep 
THIS IS NOT A VERTICAL LINE! It is a horizontal line. 
Cyan Discoloration 
This is a odd symptom to describe. It is a CTC187 RCA television. Caused by tuner misalignment. It can effect 1 or two channels. Never shows up in the video input mode.
  Cyan Flesh Tones

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Dennis Viereck