Brand Model Chassis Keyword SYMPTOM CURE
Thomson D52W20BY ITC222 Horizontal too wide There is too much horizontal over scan no matter what format is used. Converegence is not correct either. Problem is the E/W driver transistor has been damaged. TL029(D) only measures 6 volts whgen it should be almost 27 vdc. Unih ad a a defective TL029. Pn 256868.
Thomson D52W20BY ITC222 Front LED blink 3 times On my TV the the power led would blink three times and then it would stop. It had horizontal drive and the 5v, 7v and 3.3v standby voltages were there also. Suspecting Flyback Received the Flyback 259296.  And for those that use the TVA92, the load test of 206ma and the timing of which was varying from 12.4 to 6.5 microseconds is normal. Its working like a charm..  Thank to .Nelson
Thomson D52W20BY ITC222 Shutdown When the set it turned on the TV will develop Horizontal sweep and Highvoltage for less than 1/2 second as seen on an oscilloscope, then shut down. One "MUST HAVE that is missising is a normal looking vertical pulse to the high side of the Vertical Deflection yoke. Vertical IF001 was replaced. All voltages to IF001 were found to be normal except for Pin 3 which was only 15 vdc. It sholld have been 40 volts. RF009 was open. Aparently the IC was bad originally and it damaged the resistor but nothing was obviously damaged in the first instectation. Replacing the resistor corrected the symptom and the set was returned to normal operation.
Thomson D52W20BY ITC222 Convergence TV has no dymamic convergence. Alll heat sinks of the convergence amplifier board are cold. Convergence power suppply is not running. No secondary voltages from the power syupply. Checking all the "MUST HAVES" at the convergence power supply we found the rwraw B+ was OK on the TP630(D), 347 vdc. At connector BP660(3) we had our 18 volt turn on signal for the board. TP624(C or E) had no B+ should be approx 12 vdc. There is a ladder of resistors that consist of RP610, RP611, RP612, & RP613, all of which are 220K. RP612 was open. No other defect was found.
Thomson D52W20BY ITC222 Focus The symptom looks like blooming was also distortion on the top and bottom. Also the red horizontal and vertical lines on the far right side was too large and appeared to be out of focus. However focus was fine in the center oof the picture.  I believe that you can get that effect by over-tightening the lens. It can be a bit touchy for warping. I had seen somewhere that rotation of the lens by 90 or 180 degrees can also have an effect on something.   Thanks to Bburley.   The lens rotation corrected the symptom.
Thomson D52W20BY ITC222 Shutdown I have a D52W26 pulling the three strikes and out routine. It came in with the HOT shorted. When I replaced the HOT same thing. The wave form on the collector comes up and down so quickly that it's hard to see much but it appears to have the standard pulse and then a secondary one about half the amplitude of the original. Same symptom. Pulled the wire from the fly to the splitter with same symptom. Finally got my 259296 fly. On my TV the the power led would blink three times and then it would stop. It had horizontal dr., the 5v, 7v and 3.3v standby voltages were there also. And for those that use the TVA92, the load test of 206ma and the timing of which was varying from 12.4 to 6.5 microseconds is normal. Its working like a charm. Thanks to.Nelson.
Thomson D52W20BY ITC222 Menu Locked How to get past parental lock on this model. Owner's manual, page 31. Menu-Parental Control-Chan+ & Vol+ for 8 secs. It unlocks, and you can enter a new password if wanted.
Thomson D52W20BY ITC222 Menu Locked TV has sever barrel distortion. Raster too wide. Checking TL029. Checking TL029(D) we found the collector to just under 6 volts. TL029 checks OK and removuing the Drain from the circuit the voltage never came up. Static check of the pincushioin circuit finds that Damper diode (DL30) and Pin Modulator (DL32) checked OK. The retrace capacitor (CL31) and Pin Modulatyor capacitor (CL30) also tested OK using a static method. It was determined that nothing else made sense for this failure so the decision was made to replace these components anyway. (DL30) pn# 259879 and Pin Modulator (DL32) pn # 264277 checked OK. The retrace capacitor (CL31)PN# 259321  and Pin Modulator capacitor (CL32)n PN# 264578.
Thomson D52W20BY ITC222 Raster Missing TV has Highvoltage, filaments, g2 and focus voltage. sound. However it does not have and raster OSD or PIP. When checking the CRT sockets we founfd a failure a voltage on the S.L.B. line on all three sockets. In this case we chose to chase connector BB101(2) It was almost 8 volts. The connector travels to the convergence adapter board to connector BV08(6). Continuing to chase the sourse of the 8 volts we found the transistor TV52(C ) high. With more checking in the area we found RV54 open. There is a series of (3) 1 meg resistors RV 54 was completely open.
Thomson D52W20BY ITC222 Pincushion TV has sever pincushion correction error. TL029 will shopt after a few seconds of operation. Checling through the passive componets in the pincushion circuit we found a shorted CL037 part #239178. 1000pf @100volts. Also TL029 part # 256868, and DL032 part # 259638 alkl 3 shorted.
Thomson D52W20BY ITC222 Convergence East and west coinvergence of the vertical lines are way out. Tech resets coincergence and is able to closely connverge but woill not finalize. Opps!!! Tech should not have tried tro set convergence before changing and saving convergence data. This problem was caused by a shorted TL029 Pinchshion transistor. Replacing TL029 corrects the pincushion but now convergence needs to be redone.
Thomson D52W20BY ITC222 Shutdown Set shuts down with no voltage pin 10 BL111 when set is attempting to turn on. The +/- 13 VDC would come up for 2-3 seconds. Checked yoke return circuit and found CL035 open. Replace CL035
Thomson D52W20BY ITC222 Shutdown Intermittent Intermittent shutdown. Pin Shutdown voltage on BL111 pin 15 was at 1.2 volts, found RL021 and RL025 increased in value. Replaced and the voltage went back down to 1 volt. Replace RL021 and RL025
Thomson D52W20BY ITC222 Shutdown
Set will shutdown. Monitoring connector BL111(10) XRP the dc voltage only
increased to 15VDC. Normal voltage is from 26-31 VDC depending on the version of
power / deflection board. Found RL044 220K 1% increased in value. Replace RL044
Thomson D52W20BY ITC222 Cycling on and off
The set cycles. Found no dc at pin 10 of BL111 when set cycles on.
 Found RL044
open. replace RL044
Thomson D52W20BY ITC222 Dead
Dead set. The collector of TL010 measured 158 ohms to ground. The set tries to come on, pulses three times, and then nothing.
DL030 shorted in the horizontal yoke
out circuit (located in the 480 select circuit). Replace DL030
Thomson D52W20BY ITC222 shutdown intermittent Intermittent shutdown or dead set. Found TV would come on by tapping SSB near IV400. Found TV was losing H-drive from IV400. Scoping IV400 pins 20 and 21,
found QV600 would stop oscillating. Replace QV600
Thomson D52W20BY ITC222 shutsdown Set shuts off. Voltage on pin 15 of BL111 goes to 1.5 Volts.  Traced fault to shorted FET TL029 Replace TL029
Thomson D52W20BY ITC222 Shutdown TV shutting down. Isolated load to USYS should read Approx 27K to ground only had 27ohms to ground. Unplugging BL035 to Horizontal yoke removed short. Found ground wire not in spring laying against Yoke shorting it to ground. Reposition ground wire.
Thomson D52W20BY ITC222 Squealling
Intermittently there is a high pitched squeal.
Problem was traced down to LL037 (Horizontal Linearity Coil)
Thomson D52W20BY ITC222 Pinchshion E/W
The picture was stretched, adjusting horizontal width in the service menu didn't have any effect on the problem. On TL029 (E-W Buffer) the voltage on the drain was 6VDC.
Replacement of CL029 repaired the set. Replace CL029
Thomson D52W20BY ITC222 Shutdown Intermittent
Intermittent shutdown, Pin shutdown voltage on pin 15 of BL111 was at 1.2 volts.
Found. RL021 and RL025 increased in value. Replaced and the voltage went back down to 1 volt replaced RL021 and RL025
Thomson D52W20BY ITC222 shutdown Monitoring No voltage pin 10 BL111(10) finds no voltage when turning on TV.. The +/- 13 VDC would appear for only 2-3 seconds.  Checked yoke return path and found CL035 open Replace CL035