Sony KP53XBR45 (RA1 chassis) Symptom: Line Paring
(vertical circuit)
Crisscrossing bands of horizontal scan lines sometimes resembling a basket weave.  The description was very hard to describe without a picture. Once looked at closely it was determined there was no video problem. It was a component in the vertical driver circuit for the Jungle IC on the "M" board. Below is a close up of the oscilloscope showing this ripple or oscillation on the vertical ramp.

We are connected to the high side of vertical deflection yoke. The high frequency ripple is in the ramp portion of the signal. The anomaly in this picture resembles about 2~3 volts Peak to Peak. It is riding on a 60 volt peak to peak overall signal.

I have expanded the vertical gain enough to see the ripple and measure its amplitude. This wave form should be a clean, linear ramp.

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Dennis Viereck